Nickel Alloy welding wires

Nickel alloys welding wire are used for severe condition applications (corrosion, extreme heat & cold, or high pressure), amongst others in the oil & gas sector. The quality of a nickel alloyed welding wire is defined by the grade and the wire cleanliness. Ugitech have always worked on their production processes to achieve one goal: improve its quality.

UGIALLOY® 16Mo: To weld superaustenitic stainless steels (URANUS B26, URANUS B66, 254 SMo, 654 SMo). Also suitable for cladding.
UGIALLOY®  82: To weld 9% Ni steels (cryo-industry) and overlay exchanger tube- sheets.
UGIALLOY® 182: A core wire grade for coated electrodes
UGIALLOY® 276: To weld the 2.4819 alloy and repair cladded plates.
UGIALLOY® 617: An attractive material for ducting, combustion cans or  transition liners in both aircraft and land- based gas turbines.     
UGIALLOY® 625: For all severe applications in welding or cladding low alloy steels.
UGIALLOY® 825: Solid rod used to weld Nickel-Iron-Chromium (high corrosion resistance).
UGIALLOY® NCW: Free of Nb, which leads to a high resistance to hot cracking. Its structure is free of intermetallic phases.     

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